flower subscriptions

Why buy a flower subscription?

By purchasing a subscription you help us plan appropriately for the season by guaranteeing we have customers for our flowers, and give us access to the funds we need early in the season before anything is really ready for market. In turn, we provide a better value in these subscription than we do at the market table.

What do you mean mean by 'sliding scale'?

We're not trying to build a luxury brand here, and we know that our society's economic system is inherently unjust. While acknowledging that we too have to pay our bills and provide a livelihood for our families, we want our flowers to be as widely available as possible, and that's why we sell our subscriptions on a sliding scale.Under both the monthly and seasonal subscriptions you'll find three price tiers:

  • Subsidized - $15/bouquet
  • Regular - $20/bouquet
  • Patron - $25/bouquet
The product is the same at each price level, we simply ask that you choose the option that you can afford. We aim to make our bouquets a great value regardless of the tier you choose. Prices displayed below are for the 'regular' option. The other options can be specified during the purchase process.

Where do I pickup my flower bouquet?

Pickup locations will be at the Island Roots Market in Nanaimo or at our farm in Yellow Point. You'll be asked to choose your pickup location during the purchase process but you can always change your pickup location at anytime throughout the season (just give us at least 2 days notice). Alternatively we can deliver your bouquet right to your door for an extra $5.

Monthly? 1-Month? Bi-weekly? Full Season? What does all this mean?

Our full season subscriptions run from the second week of June (starting on the 7th at the Cedar Market) until the end of October. The full season options are:

  • Weekly - 21 bouquets, one every week until the end of the last week of October
  • Bi-weekly - 10 bouquets, one every two weeks until the third week of October
  • Monthly - 5 bouquets, one per month from June until October
Our 1-month options are just what they sound like. four bouquets, one per week, for the month of your choosing.